Temporary Road Restrictions Gedney

Temporary traffic restriction: Lincolnshire Various (South Area Carriageway Recycling)    Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction as detailed below.     Organisation responsible for restriction: Lincolnshire County Council

Reason for restriction: In-situ recycling of carriageway, full length reconstruction of surface.    Nature and location of restriction:

Road closure Order –Blackbarn Road, LuttonColleys Gate, LuttonThe Rookery, LuttonGovers Drove, GedneyJiggles Gate, GedneyDog Drove, Sutton St JamesBirds Drove, Sutton St JamesWhale Drove,WhaplodeRandall Bank, WhaplodeSparkes Lane, WhaplodeThorpes Lane, WhaplodeKells Drove, KirtonFenside, Sibsey






Period of restriction:

06/06/2022 – 30/09/2022


(Restrictions to be implemented for 7 days as and when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times will be displayed on site in advance)    Alternative route or access arrangements:  Diversion routes and vehicular or pedestrian access arrangements will be signposted.    This information is also available in map form at you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.