Meeting Details

Meeting Details


Mrs. J Ripley . Parish Clerk, Hedgeview 231 Broadgate Sutton St Edmund, Spalding, Lincs. PE12 0LT
Tel: 01945 700268   Email:

Schedule of Parish Council Meetings -2024.

There will be a 15-minute public forum prior to the Council meeting.

If there is no public forum the meeting will begin at 7.00pm

All meetings will be held at Gedney Victory Hall

Tuesday February 13th            Council Meeting

Tuesday 12th March                 Parish Meeting

Followed by                                Council Meeting

Tuesday 14th May                   Annual Council Meeting

Tuesday 11th June                     Council Meeting

Tuesday 9th July                    Council Meeting

Tuesday 10th  September    Council Meeting

Tuesday 12th November        Council Meeting

Tuesday 10th December      Council Meeting

The Agenda for each meeting is available on the Council web site at least 3  working days prior to the meeting :